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Sport Parents Alliance

Why join the alliance?


Every parent of a child excelling at sport knows that it is a massive emotional roller coaster for parents as you’re watching your child win, lose, succeed and fail. 

This alliance of Sport Parents is where you get the support to continue to excel in providing a 'home' which fuels sporting character and potential. Even while riding the emotional roller coaster. 

Every parent of a child excelling at sport knows the experience of powerlessness over selection, injury and how they perform.

This alliance of Sport Parents is where together we learn to control the controllables and be honest about the rest.

Every parent of a child excelling at sport knows how key the coach is in the lives of our children. 

As an alliance of Sport Parents together we will work out how to strengthen that connection to the coach when it is all good and how to take action when the parent/coach relationship is not easy.

Every parent of a child excelling at sport knows what it is to have difficult car journeys before and after training and competitions. 

This alliance of Sport Parents will journey those miles with you to make car journeys a place of growth and progress. 

Every parent of a child excelling at sport knows the challenge of keeping our parenting based on our values rather than our sporting busyness. 

This is an alliance of Sport Parents anchoring each other to parent behaviours which flow from our values as parents rather than behaviours which flow from our habits of sporting busyness.

Every parent of a child excelling at sport knows that there are no neat and one-size-fits-all answers to the joy and challenge of being a sporting parent. 

This alliance of Sport Parents provides a unique, honest and supportive space to explore the options to make progress as a parent and as a family.

Every parent of a child excelling at sport knows that sport can provide our children with the character needed to thrive, on and off the sports field. 

This Sport Parent alliance give us the ‘coaching’ to keep fueling the character needed to succeed on and off the sports field.


The Perks of Joining

  • An alliance of parents in the same boat!  The biggest perk is the alliance. An alliance of parents who together can support, share and challenge each other to enable our sports parenting to be as effective as it can be.

  • Exclusive content and discussion started to help you fuel sporting character at home. 
  • Monthly themes to support you as the parent of a sporty child. 
  • Weekly reviews of the life of a sporting parent. 
  • Exclusive interviews from leading coaches and experts which will only appear in the Alliance.
  • Exclusive insights from me as I travel and speak at professional sports teams and to the parents of national sides. 
  • Deduced fees on all my online courses and books. 
  • Termly prize draw of £50 (in vouchers for Amazon or Apple)
  • Private groups for sports teams and organisations to share directly with their parents what is happening and what they are working on so that parents can partner closer with their children's coaches. (Email me if you'd like a group set up for your team.) 

All this and it is FREE!

About Me

I'm Richard Shorter (AKA www.non-perfectdad.co.uk) and I've spent 20 years supporting and encouraging parents.  I founded Non-perfectdad.co.uk to help bring coaches and parents closer together for better outcomes for young people. 

To be honest I am tired of sport parents not being given the support or recognition they should have and need. It is not an easy journey to support a developing child who is pursuing their sporting dreams. 

It is time for parents to have a space of their own which offers them the support, encouragement and insights needed on this journey.  I've had the ridiculous privilege to speak to 1000's of sport parents. I'm used by national U16, U18, U20 and a number of professional sports teams for their parent engagement. (Check out more about me here)  

This alliance is about giving you what you need as you provide a home for your sporting child(ren).                     

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