Long story short…

At the SPA, we're dead set on one thing: 🚫 Not cocking up our kids' futures. Want to know more?

Here's a bit of a shocker for you:

When your little one is out there giving it their all, every tumble and triumph hits you right in the feels, doesn't it?

Well, guess what? 

The feeling's mutual!

Your kid's like a sponge, soaking up every sigh, cheer, and mutter you let slip, whether you're pitch-side or parked on the sofa.

They've got their eyes peeled on how us grown-ups handle the wins, the losses, and all the bits in between.

Are you accidentally teaching your child to worry and doubt themselves?


Need another good reason to join the Sports Parents Alliance?

I’ve got SEVEN. 

You’ll learn how to:

🚫 Manage awkward silences and car fights

Quiet, tense drives home? Not on our watch. We'll share tips to turn every car ride into an opportunity for growth.

🚫 End coach clashes

Worried about arguing with the coach? Learn how to keep things cool and constructive, avoiding stress for you and your kid.

🚫 Avoid making things worse by saying the wrong thing

Seeing your kid upset is tough enough. Learn how to handle the highs and lows of sports, keeping spirits high no matter the score.

🚫 Ease tryout stress

The stress of tryouts can be too much. We've got tips to manage it, making sure your child feels prepared and you stay calm, come what may.

🚫 Forget injury fears 

Injuries are a big worry, but we're here with tips on prevention and aftercare, reducing the anxiety of keeping your young athlete safe and calm while recovering. 

🚫 Never forget what’s important 

Sports are great, but not at the cost of family time. Our alliance keeps you grounded, ensuring sports add to your family, not take away.

🚫 Ditch the sports stress

No parent wants sports to be a source of stress. We’re all about keeping it enjoyable and positive – for everyone involved.


Here are 5 Reasons NOT to join us:

1. Who needs a community of parents who actually get what you're going through? Keep struggling on your own; it's much more fun that way.

2. Exclusive insights and interviews with leading coaches, Olympic athletes and experts? Overrated. You can surely find all that wisdom just by guessing or scrolling endlessly online.

3. Then there's the unique content to help fuel sporting character at home. Pfft, who needs advice on nurturing teamwork and integrity in your kids? Let's leave character-building to chance.

4. Discounts on courses and books? Forget about it. Paying full price is the way to go.

5. Private groups for direct communication with your child's coaches and teams? Sounds like way too much useful cooperation for your liking. Better to keep those relationships nice and distant.


Hi, I'm Richard Shorter. For over 20 years, I've had the ridiculous privilege to coach and talk to thousands of sport parents, coaches, and young athletes. My main goal? To make sure our children have the best support on and of the pitch and that their parents get the recognition and help they need.

Supporting a child chasing their sports dreams is tough. That's why national teams like U16, U18, U20, and many professional sports teams use my help for working with parents. Because when we work together, everyone wins. 

For more information on how NOT to cock up your kids' future, visit Non-perfectdad.co.uk 

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We've got top-notch advice, mate-to-mate guidance, and space to air our views. This helps us stay focused and talk about the tough stuff that helps us grow as we guide our kids to be their best in sports and life.